Of the nine planets described in vedic astrology, the trio of saturn, rahu and ketu is supposed to be quite malefic. Everyone is scared of these three planets and for the right reasons. According to Indian astrology, a person’s kundali consists of 12 houses and every house is occupied by some planet. The future of a person is governed by the planetary positions on his/her birth chart. With any of these three planets sitting in a wrong house in your kundali, troubles arise in areas governed by that house.

Today we are going to talk about the effects of Ketu in 2017 according to Hindu Panchang. As mentioned earlier, both Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets representing negative karmic Influences. Both the planets bring misfortune and hardships to a person. The person is subjected to psychological demerits and all his/her major projects are halted. The positioning of Rahu-Ketu in specific houses usually leads to inauspicious yog. But the transit is not always detrimental. For a few people, Rahu-Ketu brings positive outcomes. It is rare though.

Today we are going to present the yearly horoscope for the year 2017, specially stressing upon the effects of Ketu on different zodiac signs. We will reveal which zodiac signs will get harmed by the transit of Ketu and which ones are going to get benefitted.
Note: The forecast given is based on moon sign.

Ketu In 2017 -Hindu Calendar
                                                                                          Ketu Effect

At present, Ketu is occupying the 11th house in your birth chart. 11th house governs the person’s success and financial status. Ketu, sitting in the 11th house, brings financial prosperity and social repute. But after September 2017, Ketu will transit to the 10th house which might affect your career unfavorably. So better avoid any undue strife at your workplace.

For the time being, Ketu is sitting in the 10th house of your birth chart. 10th house governs a person’s career. If you are already facing struggles in your job or business, it might be because of Ketu occupying your 10th house. In September 2017, Ketu will change its position compelling you to make a wrong decision. So be extra precautious before taking any actions both at your personal and professional fronts.

When Ketu sits in the 9th house of Gemini’s birth chart, it doesn’t affect you directly but harms your family instead. Till September 2017, you need to take extra care of your father’s health. After September 2017, Ketu will make its transit to your 8th house, adversely affecting your health. It might also lead to injuries due to an accident.

At present, Ketu is occupying the 8th house in the birth chart of Cancerians. Resultantly, they will notice a growing interest in occult and spiritual subjects. In September 2017, Ketu will change its position from 8th house to 7th house, leaving a negative impact on their marital life.

Ketu is sitting in the 7th house of your kundali. This house governs your marital life. Ketu’s occupation of the 7th house might harm your marital relationship. You might already be suffering the ill effects of this planetary position. But it will all end in September 2017. The tides will turn, drumming the arrival of good times. You might gain dominance at your personal and professional fronts.

Ketu is sitting in the 6th house of Virgos leading to worsening of current rivalries. You might be bothered by legal matters in the near future. Post September 2017, the situation will improve for you but your family might have to face some hardships. Take extra care of your children’s health during this period.

The 5th house of your kundali is occupied by Ketu. It governs matters related to children and education. When Ketu sits in the 5th house, it impacts romantic affairs. As long as Ketu holds this position in your kundali, you might indulge in unnecessary arguments with your partner, harming your relationship. With Ketu changing its position after September 2017, you will have to pay more attention to your family, especially your mother. You’ll have to do your best to soothe your mind. Start yogic exercises if need be.

Sitting in the 4th house of your kundali, Ketu projects its energy on your finances and your relationship with your mother. Even at home, you’ll be susceptible to falling in arguments, especially with your mother. You might feel disconnected from your family. To avoid conflicts, try to keep yourself busy with your work. By September 2017, tides will turn and your good time will start. You’ll gain self-confidence.

Ketu is sitting in the 3rd house of your kundali. This house represents your courage and the bond you share with your siblings. You will get to know your hidden talents during this period. But you have to be careful about the health of your siblings. Post September 2017, you will have to be extra precautious before opening yourself to others.

Ketu is sitting in the 2nd house of your kundali. This house governs the health and vitality of a person. Until Ketu transits to a new house, you will have to take care of your health. Avoid unhealthy food at all costs. Even after Ketu transits to the 1st house, your troubles will not go away completely. When Ketu occupies the 1st house in a kundali, it leaves a negative impact on your marital life.

Ketu residing in the 1st house of kundali leads to health related problems. Do everything you can to pacify the ill-effects of Ketu. But your troubles doesn’t seem to end this year. After September 2017, Ketu will transit to the 12th house, leading to sleep related problems.

Ketu is residing in the 12th house of Pisceans’ kundali. In this position, Ketu leaves a negative impact on marital relationship. Resultantly, there will be repetitive arguments, fading of the physical attraction towards your partner, and loss of intimacy. In September 2017, Ketu will change its position leading to overall betterment on all fronts of life. The transit will give your marital relationship a new lease of life and improve your financial position as well.

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