As the Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is the right time for the lovers to get out from their blankets and make their partner feel special. Not only those in a relationship, singles also wait for this day eagerly. We have analyzed what your weekly horoscope says about your love life this Valentine’s Day.

This is an exciting time for you as love planets Venus and Mars are in perfect position right now. The big move that you have planned for your long time crush will be successful. Those who are committed, have to take a strong decision to keep their relationship alive. Married couples will look to spend some quiet time together.

Compatible zodiac: Gemini/Leo/Sagittarius

You are expecting some presents from someone special this Valentine’s day. Committed people will go out for a long drive to please their partners. Singles will get a chance to find their true love. Expect the unexpected and keep your fingers crossed.

Compatible zodiac: Gemini/Aries/Capricorn

This Valentine’s Day, you will be more focused on your career than finding love in your life. This will be like any other day in your life as nothing special will happen due to your lack of effort. Singles will be seen as the most attractive personalities in the crowd while committed ones can expect many gifts on this day.

Compatible zodiac: Aries/Taurus/Libra

You do not prioritize love. This Valentine’s Day, you will get an underwhelming response. It might disappoint you. However, a sweet friendship is likely to develop on this day and will last long. Be patient, there are chances of this friendship growing into a beautiful relationship in near future.

Compatible zodiac: Leo/Aries/Pisces

Valentine’s Day is packed with many surprises for you. An unknown well-wisher will be sending loads of gifts to entice you. Those in a relationship, will love spending Valentine’s Day with their partners. If you’re single, you can also spend it with your friends to show that you don’t care.

Compatible zodiac: Leo/Aquarius/Sagittarius

Folks, calm down! Nothing special is happening for you this day. Expect things to go at their own pace. Things can get touchy and emotional. Your behavior may disturb some people. If you are in a relationship things will go smoothly.

Compatible zodiac: Cancer/Gemini/Virgo

Your romantic trait will be evident on this day as you will be planning a pleasant surprise for your amour. If you are single, then socializing with new people will pay off. You are a charmer. So you could be a good company to your partner.

Compatible zodiac: Libra/Capricorn/Sagittarius

This Valentine’s Day, your partner will take you on a different trip of love and romance. This day is great for love and romance for you as you will be planning a huge surprise for your partner. If you are single, you feel no need to be with someone special this day.

Compatible zodiac: Aquarius/Libra/Gemini

Your carefree attitude will land you no favors this day as you will be left searching for a suitable partner to celebrate. Couples will enjoy their day to the fullest. They will go out for a movie and enjoy this day in their own special way. Your partner will enjoy your company as you are adventurous and positive.

Compatible zodiac: Capricorn/Pisces/Sagittarius

Capricorns are often conservative and may give up on finding a date if they are single. Couples will enjoy a good time with each other and may go out for a movie or a long drive. Be expressive this week and don’t hide your feelings. It will turn out to be a great learning opportunity for you.

Compatible zodiac: Libra/Gemini/Scorpio

When it comes to love, you seem to have great luck, as your creativity and humor will play a huge role. You are likely to experience the hypnotic power of love this week. Your honesty will bring you a colorful love life. If you are committed, you will take your romance to a different level.

Compatible zodiac: Aries/Cancer/Taurus

Most people born under this sign are born lovers, so they are never short of proposals on this day. Even singles would be able to lure someone, given their ability. Those who are committed will celebrate this day with their partners and enjoy intimate moments after a perfect date.

Compatible zodiac: Leo/Aries/Sagittarius

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