The festival of Holi is just around the corner. Besides bringing colour, unrestrained joy, and new beginnings in our lives, it also brings along a lot of skin related problems. Earlier, the festival of colors was celebrated with natural colors from flowers and foods, but now, Holi is being played with harmful synthetic colors.

These synthetic colors being used in Holi cause a lot of allergies, irritations and break-outs later on, but by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to save yourself from any such occurrences.

Oil yourself before you spoil yourself: Before rushing out to enjoy this festival, apply mustard, coconut or castor oil on your face, hair and the body. The grease and slipperiness of the oil will not let the colour settle deep into your skin.

Proper Clothing: Wear dark full sleeves cotton clothes which will cover your whole body, otherwise synthetic colors would stick on your skin when you will get wet, which may lead to allergies.

Go Organic: Nowadays, colors comprise of harmful chemicals like engine oil, grease, diesel, acid, glass powder and alkalis which can severely damage your skin. This can result in serious skin conditions like eczema, redness, or flaking of skin. But herbal colors can easily be prepared at home by flowers and food color extracts. These are eco-friendly and have no side-effects on your skin.

Avoid sitting in the hot sun: This makes the colors even more difficult to wash off later. Try to use mild colors like yellow, pink or red which can be easily washed off rather than colors like purple, green, blue.

Wash your hair: You may avoid washing your hair before playing Holi, thinking it will  get dirty anyways. But when the pre-dirt mixes with the colors, it can further damage your hair, making it rougher and more vulnerable to breaking. So wash and condition your hair well before celebrating Holi. Beer can also be used as a last rinse to soften and condition the hair.

Take good care of your skin: After celeberating Holi, it is important to rejuvenate the skin by using a paste of soyabean flour or besan with milk. A mixture of sea salt, glycerine and few drops of aroma oil have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can take care of the bad effects of the synthetic colors.

Keep yourself hydrated: Keep drinking water, juices as well as glucose. Dehydration causes your skin to dry and the synthetic colors might just seep into your skin.

Now that you know how to take care of yourself this Holi, go ahead – celebrate the festival of color!