The zodiac is the circle of twelve divisions of celestial longitude employed by astrology .The zodiac is centered upon the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year. The paths of the Moon and visible planets also remain close to the ecliptic, within the belt of the zodiac. Based on each zodiac signs hare is horoscope for upcoming week.


Your mind may remain filled with the thoughts of a new person, as the week begins. Businessmen have to cut short their margins to strike a deal. Singles will focus on their career rather than indulging in gaining attention of the opposite sex. Married couples may have issues with their partners working late at office. No major monetary gains forecasted this week. You will be able to meet routine expenses comfortably and also save money satisfactorily. This is an alarming time for you in terms of mental health as stress will take a toll on your health.


This week you will be blamed for things that you are not responsible for. To avoid this situation, you need to spend more time to attend to domestic matters. It is a good time for businessmen to act on long conceived plans for achieving vertical growth. Those in a job need to remain well focused and not get lured by distractions. Talking about relationships, refrain from being temperamental while resolving differences. Singles, on the other hand, shall be in a happy mood, as getting a positive nod from an admired one is foreseen. Your financial position seems very strong and monetary gains will surely lift your spirits.  Some minor health issue may keep you worried this week.


This week, you will be loaded with lots of work to handle that will stress you out. Happenings around midweek would leave business persons and professionals dejected.  Those doing job are to get right amount of exposure to manifest their inherent ability to manage complex and lengthy tasks. Love birds will not have anything to cheer up. Frequent feuds in married life will further make this week worse. Monetary gains are foreseen. You will remain healthy this week.


Your mind may be brimming with ideas to enhance your overall prospects. This may also be about a certain goal. Business prospects do not seem very encouraging this week. Difference of opinion with your near and dear ones can cause them to behave strangely. Be prepared for minor setbacks in your income aspirations this week. You are advised to keep funds for emergency use and make financial transactions carefully. Stressful situations at work can have an adverse effect on your health.


This week, a lot of time will be consumed in deliberating important decisions. Those in regular employment will have to be prepared to work under pressure. Business people will be provided enough opportunities to strike profitable deals. It is not a rosy time for love birds or the married couples.  You are advised to prioritize your requirements and spend accordingly. Professionals may have a hard time managing their expenses and need to dig into their savings to meet regular household requirements. An unexpected injury or some serious viral infection might be a possibility.


Finances and family related matters will take the centre-stage this week. Driven by strong emotions, you will take keen interest in spending time with your loved ones. Singles will remain distressed facing some adversity in their pursuit of love.  You will surely see some good opportunity to shore up your finances. No major expenses seem to incur in this period. So you will be able to save money satisfactorily. You may also make some new investments. No health problems are predicted.


Hectic vibes of the last week continue, as the week begins. You may be worried over a looming deadline. Nothing really exciting is foreseen for this week, either on the occupational or the financial front. Growth prospects in the career path are not very encouraging. Businessmen will remain worried because of lower sales. Singles will find the right person of opposite sex to spend their time with. Married couples will have to wait to enjoy good moments with their partners. You are to remain in a strong position on the financial front. Some minor health problems might crop up this week.


This week will be good from the family point of view. Make the most of the opportunities that will be presented to you this week in order to get a competitive advantage in your business.  If you are in a job, you are going to get excited about getting the right exposure to showcase inherent skills. You will revive contact with some old friend. Married ones may remain happy and enjoy pleasant time with their partners. This week presents lucrative opportunities for monetary gains. Your health is going to be a cause of concern this week.


Professionals may not share an amiable relationship with their bosses. You may be irritated by constant hammering from your immediate boss. This may irk you so much that you may consider quitting. Businesspersons will get an encouraging opportunity to strike a profitable deal.  Love birds will surely tie a knot this week.  Married ones may plan a small vacation with their partner for life and enjoy some quality time together. Investing in stock market now may prove to be the best decision this week. On the health front, there will be no concerns.


This will be a good week for you on all fronts. Those in a job are to get unexpected incentives for efforts put in by them. For businessmen, a long pending deal will get materialized this week. Singles will look for their adolescent age crush, to build a long term serious relationship. This is a good week for tying knots. Some constraints may come in the way of married ones eager to enjoy pleasures of marital life. Your earlier efforts will now start bearing results in terms of monetary gains. You may run the risk of falling sick.


This week could prove to be a stressful one for you.  You may have a tiff with your coworker that can agitate you. Due to work overload, you won’t be able to meet the deadlines. Businessmen are to have a tough time persuading a high worth customer to have transactions. Singles will fail in the pursuit to find a suitable partner. You have to work harder to achieve monetary gains. Remain careful dealing with financial matters to avoid an imbalance in your balance sheet. This week your health requires utmost care as indigestion might trouble you.


This week could prove to be the real deal for you as you can surpass old boundaries to achieve new heights. Those who are career oriented will be inspired to perform with improved efficiency and skills. This will lead to promotion in the near future. For businessmen, times are good for consolidating your position and aiming higher. Singles need to make some intelligent moves to draw the attention of the targeted person of opposite sex. Chances are there to have a serious kind of misunderstanding with your partner. This week, you will chance upon some lucrative monetary opportunities. No health problems are forecasted.

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