The positive vibes of the last week may fizzle out a bit, as the week begins. Those doing job may need to travel to achieve their targets. A tactful and flexible business approach may earn you a big-money deal. Single people won’t get any success in finding a suitable partner. Frequent arguments and fights will disrupt your married life. Do not make rash decisions by investing in new securities as they can result in losses. No serious threat to your well-being is foreseen for now. 


Monetary gains are just around the corner, which will give you the motivation and energy to work for extended hours without getting tired. Business persons will be able to negotiate a high value deal with their customers. This is a great time for love birds. Married folks too may get to enjoy their marital life to the fullest. You are advised to follow a healthy diet plan with some light exercises to maintain your health this week.


You shall be busier than ever at work, as the week begins. But this shall be more out of compulsion than motivation.Business persons will be keen on exploring new territories and expanding their customer base. Working professionals will feel secured about their position within the company. Singles will be keen on enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy with a friend of opposite sex. Diabetics need to remain watchful about their blood sugar levels and follow the diet prescribed by their physician.


This week is going to be a mixed bag in every aspect of life. Businesspersons need to plan their course of action well ahead of time. Singles may finally tie the knot by accepting a marriage proposal from a reputed family. Married ones may seek the support of each other to enjoy the pleasures of marital life. Financially, things will largely be sorted. You will be careful with your money, which will allow you to be at the top of the things. Pay close attention to your diet as slow digestion may trouble you this week.


You need to make sound investments for the future of your family this week. Working professionals will remain stressed due to heavy workload. Singles will be concerned about developing a long lasting relationship with the targeted person of opposite sex. You need to take care of your health this week as common cough and cold may bother you. Take due measures or an alternative medicine to prevent it from escalating.


Some constraints shall hold you back from performing efficiently, as the week begins. You may also lack in faith and confidence. Freshers will be presented with good employment opportunities. Singles may not get lucky in establishing a prospective relationship even though they are desperate to be physically intimate with the person of opposite sex. No major health issues are predicted for this week. You are advised to follow a strict diet regimen including fresh fruits and veggies.


Your personal expenses may increase making it difficult to save money this week. Businesspersons are likely to venture into new avenues. Student desiring to go abroad for higher studies shall receive support from current planetary positions. Freshers looking for suitable employment opportunity shall be happy on getting suitably employed. Single ones may hesitate to tie the knot as they are in a crucial point of their career. Those who are troubled by some prolonged illness are likely to reap the benefits of an alternative medicine this week.


Businessmen need to work hard on their current projects to gain handsome profits. Job holders will seek a workplace which provides them with a higher salary and a good work environment. Married couples will enjoy the perks of their married life without any reservations. Singles may find a suitable partner and look to marry them. Monetary gains are foreseen this week and prior investments will reap good profits. You may be plagued by a minor health issue.


Domestic matters will keep you busy this week. On the work front, you might hear from a high worth customer keen to finalize a deal.  Job holders may get good opportunities to showcase their inherent ability to handle complex and time consuming tasks. Singles will be looking for a like minded person of opposite sex in order to develop a meaningful relationship. You will get enough opportunities to fill up your bank account. Health will not be an issue this week.


This week indicates lots of work and responsibilities coming your way. Those who are employed need to maintain a cordial relationship with their bosses. Business persons in foreign trade will be benefited on striking a great deal. Short term travels will be quite gainful. It’s time for the singles to turn a friendly relationship with opposite sex into a serious long term relationship. Trying new ventures may result in heavy losses. Prior investments indicate handsome monetary gains. Diabetics need to be careful about their blood sugar levels.


This week could prove to be very eventful, if things pan out the way you want. Business persons in foreign trade and professionals handling offshore projects need to be careful while dealing with new customers abroad. Single people will find themselves with a like-minded person of opposite sex to spend their time with. Excellent financial gains are on the horizon, but you need to manage your finances carefully. Some minor injury may trouble you this week.


Your immense creativity will bring new ideas and strategy at the beginning of this week. However, the euphoria will die down soon and you will soon concentrate back on domestic matters. You may be full of energy and verve, but may also have many ideas, creating confusion. Do not fall prey to indecisiveness. People in employment should feel comfortable with their position. Misunderstandings with your loved ones can happen. You need to be patient to clear the web. Investments in stock market will boost your income. No health issues are predicted.


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