A new equation may be established in an ongoing relationship or partnership. This week, you will appear joyful and compassionate but from inside an unknown grief and dissatisfaction may continue to distress you. Business person will be much occupied and busy preparing the basics to negotiate a big-ticket deal.  Those doing job may need to shoulder more responsibility. Single ones will be busy in shaping their personality and future job prospects. This will leave you with no interest in falling in love and enjoying romantic moments. One already in relationship is to be highly disappointed by questionable behavior of loved one. Financial conditions may tend to improve this week. You are vulnerable to cold and cough.


Unexpected expenses at the week’s beginning may derail you and some of your plans. This week, professionals and business men will need to plan properly, before embarking on short term travels to explore new territories. Those in employment may remain hard pressed owing to a heavy workload. You may get troubled with some serious issue in your relationship. You may not be able to save significantly this week due to some incidental expenses. Those having health issue for a long time will find the right medication for curing the issue.


In the coming week, you may be confused about how to resolve a prickly issue related to a domestic matter. You are likely to be quite keen about enhancing your financial prospects. Problem in routine work may hinder performance. Working professionals can now expect to have some long lasting important task to work upon. Married couples will also have a joyful time. In regards to relationships in general, you will have an enjoyable time with you near and dear ones. You seem to remain concerned about ways to increase your savings. Health won’t be a matter of concern this week.


A family related matter will be at the centre-stage, as the week begins. Working in these harsh conditions will make your willpower stronger. Ride at work will be bumpy and challenging. Even businesspersons may face a setback. Singles will put on the blinkers and shall be interested only in the matters regarding career and future. Love, romance and friendship shall take a back-seat, this week. Financially, there will be no worries.


With the commencement of this week, concerns about the future will hover in your mind. Those in jobs may have some confrontation with their boss.  Businesspersons will have to remain satisfied with a moderate-sized deal. Single ones looking out to shape a new relationship with a person of choice will be successful.  Refrain from taking decisions related to major financial involvement. Don’t make any new investments this week. Regarding health, no major issues are predicted.


This week will start on a bright note as you will be surprised by your loved ones. Encouraging business opportunities are ahead, however you need to travel for gaining new customers. If you are in regular employment, get ready to face tremendous pressure to hurry up things. Some differences may arise with the one you love and the conditions will worsen if you don’t put serious efforts to save your relationship. Married ones will have a joyful time with their partner for life. Gains are predicted this week. No serious health issues are predicted.


This week will revolve around issues concerned with money. You need to be patient, if you have been waiting for any major monetary gains or positive results from your investments. Those in employment may feel uncomfortable with their position, and new work environment. Things may be made worse by a new demanding boss. For singles, the dreams of an intimate relationship with the person of opposite sex may not click as per plan. Married couples may get annoyed by the unruly behavior of their partners. Regarding health, you will get affected by a minor health issue.


This can be a tough week for you to handle as things may not pan out the way you want. Business persons will get chances to execute their development plans. Those in job will be constantly under pressure to hurry up things. You are going to enjoy a roller-coaster ride in your love life in the days to come. Singles will face tremendous pressure to tie the wedding knot while married ones will enjoy a joyful time with their spouse. Health won’t be an issue as for now.


Some disturbances and setbacks in routine work could make you uncertain about your capabilities.  It will herald good tidings for business person and professional. You will succeed in your venture and your sales will show a sudden surge.  The salaried need to be watchful as the planetary positions will make your professional grind more demanding. Singles can form a long term relationship with a special one. Your wealth accumulation aspirations will have wings this week. You will be able to earn handsome money but you may also incur major expenses unexpectedly. Matters of health might call for health checkups at regular intervals.


Disturbances in routine activities could hold you back from giving your best. This will cause some distress. People doing a job are advised to remain well focused at the task on hand. Business professionals will get a chance to strike a major deal. Singles will be successful in finding a partner who will fit in their long term plans. You will find yourself in a financially strong position and that will allow you to splurge the money on luxuries. Some kind of unexpected health issue related to either intestine or digestive system is likely to catch up with you.


This week is favorable for businessmen to negotiate a sizeable deal. Those doing job may make haste to finish their daily tasks. Single people will find a suitable partner for themselves. If you are in love, you will be on cloud nine. You will enjoy romantic moments with your loved one. Be cautious and conscious about your hard earned money.  You will be busy planning methods and novels ways of increasing your money. Some serious kind of health issue is likely to catch up with you.


You will be keen on establishing yourself as a front runner in your field of activity. Business persons will have to be ready to travel around on business tours. Those in job have to work for extra hours to match the deadlines. In regard to relationships, your stars are favoring you to get ample support for enhancing your prospects. A very good opportunity to gain monetary benefits will knock on your door. You have to be alert and promptly recognize and respond to the golden opportunity in order to strengthen your financial status. You might fall ill at the end of the week.

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