This week will start on a slow note for you, but things will pick up from Wednesday onwards. Businesspersons will remain occupied as their plans would yield results. Those employed are now going to be able to perform with improved efficiency. Those already in a love relationship will have an enjoyable time with their partner. This week is perfect for monetary gains.  You may need to lend money to a friend or close relative. In regard to health, issues related to deficiency of calcium are likely to trouble you.


This week comes as a mixed bag for you, as good and bad news will keep the week in balance. Deals in routine are likely to help keep the show running. If you are doing a job, observing strict work discipline might keep future growth prospects alive. Issues in relationships may bother you for too long. Singles may find new love. Loss of money is predicted if risked for higher gains. Health wise, you will be stable.


You will carve out some time for pleasure seeking this week which will lead to increased happiness in life. Businesspersons will have to rush things to avoid missing deadlines at work place. Love birds may have a good time this week.  Relationship with an elderly person will prove fruitful. Financially your position will be weak and won’t improve as the week progresses. Set funds aside for contingency while planning finances. Overall a general good health is in store for you.


The week opens with a routine Monday with no notable occurrence. By midweek things start to move as businesspersons can think of expanding their businesses or start a new project. Those who are employed will remain busy with their work. You will share a good rapport with your colleagues, and finish work on deadlines. Singles will focus on different career prospects rather than indulging in a relationship. Not a great financial week is in store. In regards to health, you are unlikely to face any major problems.


This week will begin on a high note, with loads of action and tons of positive energy. Those doing business in a partnership are expected to strike beneficial deals. Those in a job are to receive some incentive in appreciation of your committed efforts. A love affair with someone of opposite sex is on the horizon and you may enjoy your time together. You are to remain in a strong position on the financial front. In regards to health, diabetics need to be careful here.


The first few days of the week will test your grit and the decisions made then will affect you afterwards. Routine work would be without hassles and performance efficient. Businesspersons can now put their plans in action for rapid growth. There is a chance that you may finally get the nod from your crush. Married couples are advised to spend more time together to avoid any complications. Set your priorities after due deliberation and spend money accordingly. No major health issues are on the horizon.


A lot of work will keep you busy this week and some troubles on financial and communication front are forecasted. Businessmen could gain from their concrete efforts. Employed people would experience fewer hassles in routine work. Your overall performance stands to improve. There is a high possibility that you might get a promotion soon. Singles may be more concerned about getting a job now. Those in a relationship might face wrath from their partners over an issue. Minor monetary gains are to keep you happy. No health problem is forecasted this week.


You may still be feeling under the weather from all the dance, party and drink from a social gathering, as the week begins. Businesspersons will look for a new project and invest a decent amount in it.  Those who are employed are to remain worried by disturbances in routine activities, because it means you have to work for extended hours. About relationships in general, you are likely to take the initiative to resolve pinching issues by being more accommodative. Digestive problems may worry you this week.


This week won’t disappoint you in any way as you will be presented with a pleasant surprise.  The after-glow of an exotic trip may not have left you. However, on the work front, don’t expect a glitch free ride. Married folks will get ample time to enjoy with their partners. In contrast, singles will fail to draw the attention of member of opposite sex. Your rapport with your colleagues too will be amiable and friendly, and you will get all the support you want from them. No health issues will bother you this week.


You begin this week in a cheerful mood. This week things will pan out the way you wanted and overall it can be a stress free week. Weekend party is on the agenda, if you love socializing. You will be immensely attracted towards a long admired person. Married folks can be involved in frequent arguments with their partner.  Employed ones will not be very happy with the present position here. Businesspersons are to toil hard to strike a deal. This seems a favorable time for matters related to finance. No health issue seems to trouble you this week.


A minor setback is on the cards this week. Businessmen in foreign trade and professionals handling offshore projects are to gain now. Employed people may face problems regarding one issue or another. Married couples are to have an enjoyable time with each other. Those in a serious relationship are likely to now be keen on tying the knot at the earliest and enjoy pleasures of married life. This period does not seem favorable for making investments in a productive way. Minor health issues may worry you.


A busy week in the making as the working class can face slack in momentum and focus. Businesspersons will be too busy meeting the demands of their customers. Singles are to be pressurized by their partners to tie the knot and enjoy the pleasures of marital life. No major gains are to accrue this week. You are to manage your regular incidental expenses with ease. In regard to health, some minor issue or other is to keep you worried.

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