Aries May 2017 Horoscope forecasts that you have to give equal importance to your professional life and family concerns this month. Get ready to make room for a better and greater beginning. There will be a new intensity to your personal and professional relationships which will in turn help you gain a better control over issues, and focus into the depth of what caused them. Don’t lose this control in matters of the heart. If romance doesn’t excite you, there will be a possible distance between you and the one. But if you are involved with someone, then worry not because the air will be full of love. Most of you in fact are bound to turn romantic and get to meet the person of your interest. On the flip side, change will take place in accordance to how much insecurity you can tolerate, which for you should be minimal.


Taurus May 2017 Horoscope foretells that your emphasis is shifting from career to domestic issues and emotional aspects of life. Career, home and love can present the most crucial of life’s present hurdles. You need to reconsider and polish each and every one of your pre thought notions. You are bonded to where you heart lies, as more than anything else and talking about the happenings around your personal life could mean some minor renovation or someone moving in closer to your heart. Instead of withdrawing from the people around, try to indulge in them. Conflicts with siblings might spring-up as well.  Maintain a good temper and you shall sail through with bearable turbulence.


Be ready for international travel, new job openings or opportunities related to business and expansion. The second half of the month might bring some uplifting news for you. Your mood will be certainly positive and you will stay determined. Fight for your battles and be confident about points you make professionally as well as personally. Towards the end of the month, things will become lighthearted with you going for movies, plays and amusement parks to spend some quality time with your family and friends. The month will also come with goodness for those who are into jobs. No matter what you work as, appreciation is bound to come your way. However, a domestic dispute might bother you for some time, but it shouldn’t have a lasting effect on your relationship. Make sure you coordinate well with your relatives and loved ones.



May 2017 Cancer Horoscope foretells that career and personal accomplishments will rule over domestic issues and psychological matters this month. Change of residence is indicated in this month. There’s a lot of fire around, and you being a water sign should play with caution; the fire of ego and the fire of passion. So while you enjoy your work, your relationships and other things in life pay a little heed to keeping your attitude and sudden ego drive towards the lower side.

Dramatic, generous, and romantic, Cancerians are everyone’s dream date, except that you could be less giving and a bit more laid back. The majority of the stars hover around the place that signifies your partner zone, and right now they are flashing a green light with almost any new intuition that you give spark to. Romance and passion will keep the flame of intimacy strong between you and your partner; just make sure not to ignore work and other responsibilities with cupid by your side. Peace, love, harmony, and intellect will be the guiding forces for you this month.


This month awaits you with an itinerary of an inner journey and a possible remembrance and want for reliving old times. The best aspect of your life that looks shining throughout this month is your love life. Whether you are male or female, if you want to get into a relationship with someone, this is the time. Travel for work as well as for leisure is on the cards for the whole year and not just this month. The constant traveling might leave you feeling stressed out and fatigued, but each of these work trips will help you to add something to your professional career, so it is going to be worth it. Your daily routine might go for a toss because of the exhaustion that you might face with all of your ongoing activities. In fact the feeling of fatigue might provoke you to post pone tasks for later. Health cards foretell some minor concerns so watch your step on an unpaved road.


The time is here when instead of sitting idle and waiting for a miracle to bring you to the state of mind that you’ve been hoping for, you get down to business and make it happen. Try once and try again to settle all the differences with your beloved and other family members that you’ve been playing the cold card with. Make sure to keep your temper under control and remain as calm as you can or the end result could not be favorable for you. Conflict with seniors at work is very much visible on your future cards. Look for ways to avoid getting into such situations. On the other hand, those who are already smitten by someone’s love will also experience inner pleasure and contentment. However, don’t let unnecessary doubts cloud your relationship. These doubts, however benign, will cause a severe rift that cannot be avoided.


Those who are employed can expect some rewards rushing in their way. The profits however will shower in from the beginning of the month and are bound to get more bountiful as time passes. This month will also bring in progress at your work front, both in stature and as well as on the financial front. Your performance will be commendable, bringing in good fortune. Libra opens the door to the good life, and lightens up your personal life as well as your relationships, both personal and professional. You’re bound to be magnetic this month.


This month seems to be a great booster from the point of view of your career. Promotion and salary hikes might make this the month for you. Family life will continue to be normal and unconditional support from family members will help you through most of the month. Talking about your connections with your family will strengthen the bond to the point of no return. Quality time spent with each other will keep you close.

Those students who are waiting for an opportunity to study in foreign countries will be able to pursue them, while the last part of the month will be surely calling for a family holiday. Romance is in the air for you, so be on the lookout for someone special knocking your at your door.


This month intends to be one of the best for you so far. You could not be more inclined to your interests and developments. It seems that the stars are planning to give you a free pass to indulge in your pleasures and pursuits. Be ready for things to go as per your routine and you will most likely be in your comfort zone for the whole month.

Don’t get carried away professionally in the charm of goodness and caution. Be generous and kind with one and all at the work front and invest in positivity in every way possible. Trust issues can create differences among all but a positive attitude is what will get you out of any tight situation. A large portion of your time might be taken up by traveling and that too not for work but for leisure.


Things might start with hiccups, but they will eventually settle down. This month is expected to bring in a spell of opportunities that will help you achieve success. You are also expected to land yourself a good job. If you are going to be traveling in a group, then have your companions take care of the details, while you check that everything is arranged. Going on a family vacation will be a great idea and that will help your mental and physical health to completely be refreshed. Those under the influence of Jupiter might face severe health issues in intestines, liver, kidney, and blood. Take care of your health, develop a healthy diet, and exercise your body as well as mind as much as possible.


Your need for constant learning will be nurtured and off beat conversations and short journeys will be the highlight of the month. For those particular persons who follow their heart, you could find your love even if it is based on foreign soil. For people with a creative bent of mind, like painters, musicians, actors and writers there will be a lot of work coming your way. Good times are here and they intend to stay in your favor. If there’s something you work on with all your heart, success will definitely follow. If you are brimming with ideas, you will be appreciated for them. As the month comes to a close, there can be lots of love, glory and reputation coming your way so keep all the doors open.


This month will place you deep in the magic of the once-in-a-lifetime transit of your ruling planet. It will help you redefine your romantic world, helping you to stride towards finishing things that have been at the back of our mind. Even though you will have a priority list, love will seem to top it. This monthly phase will be about what you want, whom you love and about transforming your personality for the greater good. There is no end to the targets, romantic unions, friendship or career. You’ll get in there and dig deep and this could be one of the most transformation months in decades.  Working from early morning till late evening could be back-breaking. However, things are bound to change and you will be reaping rewards in your job. You shall be bestowed with success in abundance, in almost all spheres of life. Leave behind your worries and enjoy this beautiful phase of life.