You will carve out some time for pleasure seeking this week which will lead to increased happiness in life. If doing business in partnership, lack of effective coordination with a partner will become difficult to manage. Love birds may have a good time this week.  Relationship with an elderly person will prove fruitful.  Financially your position will be weak and won’t improve as the week progresses. Set funds aside for contingency while planning finances. Overall a general good health is in store for you.


The urge to get rich quickly will overshadow all your desires this week. This can lead you to switch workplaces in search of better income. This feeling can make you restless about achieving a sound financial position to enjoy the pleasures of life. It is the best time to find a soul mate. Singles may fall for one of their co-workers. You are short of hard cash and best option now is to save money. Over-stressing may take a toll on you as you may suffer from a severe headache.


You will be keen to get more recognition by influential people in your field. Businesspersons will be successful in striking new deals. Singles may hesitate in making a commitment to take the relationship to another level by tying the knot. You may have some serious differences with your partner. Money will be a matter of concern this week. Health issues that have persisted over long periods may get cured.


As the week opens, you will be forced to part ways with a handsome chunk of money as the financial conditions will further deteriorate. Those doing job are to receive appreciation from their boss. Matters of the heart may remain a challenging zone this week. Singles may need to find some novel ways to draw the attention of a person of opposite sex in order to shape a serious relationship. No health concerns are predicted this week.


This week will be one of the most boring weeks in recent years as you won’t be involved in any task to focus upon. This will make you feel restless. Businessperson can strike a profitable deal with an old customer resulting in noteworthy gains.  People on job will have to be cautious about omissions, while in hurry to finish the task. This is not the right to find someone special of opposite sex. Financial position will surely improve this week. No health issues are predicted.


This week, you will look forward to new opportunities that are coming your way and welcome them with open arms. In this process, you could meet some noteworthy people. It is not the best of times to expand your business. Job holders may get disappointed as they won’t receive their fair share of credit. Married couples can make the most of this time by living joyful moments with their partners. Financially, you will be stable. Frequent headaches will worry you this week.


You will be keen to get some peace after a stressful week. You may pack your bags and leave all of a sudden for a solo trekking trip. Employed people may look for the right exposure to exhibit their inherent skills. You may finally find the love of your life. For married couples, this week may pose many problems. Money matters will affect you in a bad way leaving you in an unstable financial condition. Set your priorities and spend wisely. Joint pain might trouble you.


The first few days of the week will test your grit and the decisions made then will affect you afterwards. Routine work would be without hassles and performance efficient. Businesspersons can now put their plans in action for rapid growth. Those in employment will get due recognition for their dedicated efforts. Those already in love will continue to enjoy their relationship with their loved ones. Married couples are advised to spend more time together to avoid any complications. No major health issues are on the horizon.


This week will begin on a high note, with loads of action and tons of positive energy. Business persons will be keen on exploring new territory and have more valued customers. Those in a job are to receive some incentive in appreciation of your committed efforts. Romance still lingers in the air for those who are looking out to enjoy pleasures of love with their loved ones. You will remain in a strong position on the financial front. In regards to health, diabetics need to be careful here.


This week comes as a mixed bag for you, as good and bad news will keep the week in balance. Deals in routine are likely to help keep the show running. Those employed will have busier time at workplace. Business persons are now better positioned to work on multiple deals. Issues in relationships may bother you for too long. Singles may find new love. Loss of money is predicted if risked for higher gains. Health wise, you will be stable.


This week will start on a slow note for you, but things will pick up from Wednesday onwards.  Business persons will receive encouraging results, on exploring new avenues. Those employed are now going to be able to perform with improved efficiency. Those already in a love relationship will have an enjoyable time with their partner. This week is perfect for monetary gains.  You may need to lend money to a friend or close relative. On the health front, there is nothing to worry about.


The week opens with a routine Monday with no notable occurrence. By midweek things start to move as businesspersons will be keen to strike it big. Those who are employed will remain busy with their work. You will share a good rapport with your colleagues, and finish work on deadlines. Singles will focus on different career prospects rather than indulging in a relationship. Not a great financial week is in store. In regards to health, you are unlikely to face any major problems.

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