Some major monetary gains are to further strengthen your position on the financial front. You are to save money satisfactorily. Businesspersons and professionals are to remain happy as some old valuable customer can come calling to negotiate a major deal. However, the profit margins would be less. You are to remain kind of agitated on not getting support over some important issue. Some minor health issue is to keep you stressed.


Your personal expenses are likely to increase this week. You need to save some money for future needs. Businesspersons’ efforts are to start bearing results. This is to enliven their spirits. Married ones are to feel caged because of constant nagging by their partner. Some minor looking issue can get escalated to alarming proportions .Middle aged people need to remain active by taking long morning or evening walks to maintain health and fitness.


You need to be very careful in carrying out financial transactions this week. You are to have encouraging monetary gains. Businesspersons and professionals are likely to strike some profitable deals. Employed people are to perform with improved efficiency. Singles are to have an enjoyable time with their newly found love. Married couples need to be more understanding and empathetic. Ones having trouble related to irregularity in blood pressure need to have a regular check-up.


Don’t take any decision related to financial matters instinctively. Decisions should be taken only after due deliberation. Ones in regular employment would face a comparatively easier week. There is absolutely no pressure to meet deadlines. Singles are to look for a like-minded person of the opposite sex to enjoy the pleasures of life. Soft drinks and eatables with high sugar content need to be avoided in order to have a healthy week.


You need to be careful this week as your financial health can get adversely affected unexpectedly. Businesspersons and professionals in foreign trade handling offshore projects are to strike a high-value deal. However, don’t forget to specify payment terms prior to finalizing the deal. Singles are to become passionate about enjoying pleasures of life. Married ones are to have smooth communication with their partner. There seems to be no major threat to your health for now.


You are to remain in a healthy financial position this week. In an attempt to earn quick money, you may be inclined to cut corners. Those employed people who may be looking for a change, now is a good time to start applying. Singles are likely to be keen on reviving their relationship with a teenage crush and enjoy romantic moments together. Some unexpected health issue is likely to get hold of you. Those with persistent ailments must not neglect medications and consume them regularly.


You are to refrain from indulging in speculation oriented activities this week. You may feel the need to increase monetary provisions for your family. Short-term travel would present encouraging results and businesspersons would be able to expand their operations. You are likely to enjoy the pleasures of life in the company of close friends. You are likely to start getting respite from some ailment which has been troubling you for long.


Some encouraging monetary gains this week would enlighten your spirits. Remain focused about saving money. Businesspersons would get good opportunities to strike profitable deals. Professionals are to have their hands full with important projects. Singles would be concerned about their career and future prospects. You are to have good health this week. Even if you fall ill, you are likely to recover quickly. Doing yoga and meditation daily can be of great help.


You are to remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. Ones in employment are to be under pressure to meet deadlines. One may then need to work for extended hours. You are to have an enjoyable time with your loved ones this week. You will need to take good care of your health. Ones suffering from pain in joints need to apply effective external medication to keep pain within tolerable limits.


You would be keen on increasing your income this week. On the contrary, try to increase your savings. Businessmen would want to strike it big, in order to enjoy a sound financial position. Married couples are likely to be happy on receiving prompt attention from their partners. Love birds are likely to have an enjoyable time this week. You may face a small health problem. It is advised to get prompt treatment for the same.


This week would be favourable for strengthening your position on the financial front. Any surplus funds should be invested wisely. Long distance travel is to bear encouraging results, for businesspersons and professionals alike. Married ones are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with their partner. A sore throat or a severe toothache is to bother you. There may be some digestive problems as well, for which you will have to avoid junk food, and stick to a nutritious diet.


You are likely to inherit some money this week. There will be no unexpected expenses for you to meet this week, which will cheer you up. Ones in a job are to showcase their inherent ability. Businesspersons and professionals are to have some new ideas in their mind, thus enhancing their prospects. Ones already in a love relationship are likely to review things. Common cold, cough may bother you. Recovery would be quick in case you fell ill.