This week will be a treat for you as you may have numerous surprises coming your way. At your workplace, you will be entrusted with additional responsibilities and you need to multitask to meet the deadlines. Promotion is on the cards. Love birds are to enjoy a pleasant time. Past investments may prove to be the real deal as you can earn huge chunk of profits from them. Digestive problems may bother you, but apart from that, your health will be great.


This week will start with you spending time identifying your shortcomings. This may make you unrealistic and unreasonable. Those who are single may enjoy physical intimacy with someone of the opposite sex. Married ones could be annoyed and frustrated by the thoughtless conduct of their partner. Job holders will be distracted and may find it difficult to focus on work. Your boss could be dissatisfied and reprimand you for your poor performance here. Financially, you will be comfortable this week. You are prone to fall ill, so don’t neglect even minor issues.


This start of this week will mark the end of many long lasting problems. You will strike big this week and set foundation for long lasting gains. An out-of-turn raise and promotion is also foreseen for job holders. You will need to learn new skills to make yourself technically sound and create opportunities for yourself. Focusing on career opportunities will take centrestage.  Not a good time for those who are married. You will remain in a strong financial position and you will trust your instinct before investing money. Some minor health issues may worry you.


A pleasant start to the week for the married ones as an outing is on the cards. Your better half may spurn some surprise for you. Job holders may have to work for extended hours for some time to meet deadlines. Businessmen should brace themselves for stiff competition this week.  Singles will be career oriented with no trace of romance in them for the time being. Take major decisions in matters related to finance after due deliberation. Middle aged persons are prone to fall ill due to an old health issue cropping up.


A nervy start to this week as you may face obstacles in routine work. You’ll spend most of your time in settling matters rather than doing something productive. Those who are married may find it difficult to please their partners and may have to do something out of the box. Job holders may be hard pressed by their seniors to accelerate their speed of their work. There will be influx of money. But use this money carefully for long lasting gains and purchase those things that are extremely necessary.  Injuries to upper half of the body are predicted and respiratory problems may add troubles.


This week starts with low points concerning some aspects of your life. But do not lose hope to give your hundred percent in everything you take up. There will be wider working opportunities to work on this week increasing the odds of earning more. Those who are single must try avoiding being an attention seeker. Those in relationships will come through bothering differences. There will be monetary gains in business. Problem related to diabetes and joint pain may crop up.


A busy start to the week that will keep you occupied with household activities. You will spend some quality time with your family. You may get attracted towards your childhood crush. Married people will find it tough to keep things with their spouses smooth this week. A busy week for businessmen as they have to work hard if they want strike an unbelievable deal. Job holders need to maintain a cordial relationship with their co-workers. Stay away from the stock markets. Keep enough provisions for contingencies while planning finances. Digestive problems can trouble you this week.


The course of events this week will depend on the decisions you make. You may need to make some radical decisions in the quest to find a suitable partner. Some family issues may arise, but they will settle down soon.  Those who are doing job are to crave for getting an elevated position in appreciation of good work done. Financial position will be healthy and no health issues will be reported.


This week will be a silent week for you as no major events and surprises are forecasted. Businesspersons are to have a gainful time. If doing job, you will be entrusted with some lengthy important task to work upon. Love birds are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time together. Financial position will be strong and no new gains are predicted. Those with a long time health issue are to find right medication to ease their concerns.


You will be in a happy-go-lucky mood in the beginning. If doing job, be prepared to do some multitasking. Businesspersons are likely to be satisfied with routine gains. Single people will focus more on their career prospects and thus they will be in no mood for romance. You will have a pleasant time with dear ones. Better financial position will prompt you to buy luxuries. People having tooth ache problems in the past might trouble you this week.


Some major news will break out this week that will have a drastic effect on you.  Businesspersons need to be cautious while dealing with outstation customers. Ones in regular employment are to remain well-focused on the task on hand.  Married couples are to feel uneasy on account of some serious difference of opinion with their partner. You will remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. There is a strong possibility of getting injured on the upper part of the body, unexpectedly.


You will see light at the end of the tunnel this week. For those in business, it’s good time now to implement plans to achieve vertical growth. Negotiations will pan out smoothly. Singles are to get into an intimate relationship with a co-worker. Financial position will be strong, but you need to invest your money with due deliberation. There is likelihood that extra income may come from foreign investments. No health issues may bother you.


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