While investment plans call for a pragmatic approach, your savings potential seems to be increasing. Working professionals will remain concerned about job security. You need to observe strict work discipline in order to keep your position. Love birds will have an enjoyable time with their sweetheart. Those who have a problem of acidity need to be extra careful this week. Take care of your digestive system and don’t eat late at night.


Though your financial position will be comfortable this week, you need to be careful in spending your hard earned money. Businesspersons and government contractors are to have a gainful time here. Working professionals are to perform to the fullest of their potential. Those already engaged will feel like reviewing the relationship due to some serious misunderstanding. It’s always good to be alert as far as your health is concerned.


Encouraging monetary gains will strengthen your financial position this week. Businesspersons need to make organized efforts. Working professionals need to work for extended hours to meet deadlines.  Singles seeking to tie the knot with a special someone are advised to check all quarters, before making any major commitments. Married ones are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with their life-partner. No health issues are predicted for you this week.


You are likely to donate a considerable amount of money to charity.  Businesspersons and working professionals are required to work hard this week to achieve the desired results. Singles may be attracted to a person of the opposite sex at a party. You are to face some health issues related to calcium deficiency like pain in joints, troubling toothache etc. Eat calcium-rich fruits and veggies to have a long term healing effect.


Refrain from taking major risks in matters related to finance. Businesspersons need to remain careful about their deliverables. Working professionals will have to perform with improved efficiency. Singles are to remain interested in enjoying physical intimacy with a member of the opposite sex.  Married ones need to do something special for their spouse. Those having some health issues for a long time are likely to come across the right cure.


You will mint money as an encouraging opportunity is to come your way this week. Businesspersons are to receive a call from an old customer. Working professionals are to grab a better job. You may face some unpleasant situations dealing with your soul-mate. Calming down and having patience is the way to go.  Common cold and cough may bother you this week. Do not sleep on it and treat it as soon as possible.


You will be keen to get some peace after a stressful week. You may pack your bags and leave all of a sudden for a solo trekking trip. Employed people may look for the right exposure to exhibit their inherent skills. You may finally find the love of your life. For married couples, this week may pose many problems. Money matters will affect you in a bad way leaving you in an unstable financial condition. Set your priorities and spend wisely. Joint pain might trouble you.


This week, you will look forward to new opportunities that are coming your way and welcome them with open arms. In this process, you could meet some noteworthy people. Now  is not the best time to expand your business. Job holders may get disappointed as they won’t receive their fair share of credit. Married couples can make the most of this time by living joyful moments with their partners. Financially, you will be stable. Frequent headaches will worry you this week.


This week will be one of the most boring weeks in recent years as you won’t be involved in any task to focus upon. This will make you feel restless. Businessperson can strike a profitable deal with an old customer resulting in noteworthy gains.  People on job will have to be cautious about omissions, while in a hurry to finish the task. This is not the right time to find someone special of opposite sex. Financial position will surely improve this week. No health issues are predicted.


You will be forced to part ways with huge chunks of money as your financial conditions will further deteriorate. Those doing job are to receive appreciation from their boss. Matters of the heart may remain a challenging prospect this week. Singles may need to find some novel ways to draw the attention of a person of opposite sex in order to shape a serious relationship. No health concerns are predicted this week.


You will be keen to get more recognition by influential people in your field. Businesspersons will be successful in striking new deals. Singles may hesitate in making a commitment to take the relationship to another level by tying the knot.You may have some serious differences with your partner. Money will be a matter of concern this week. Health issues that have persisted over long periods may get cured.


The urge to get rich quickly will overshadow all your desires this week. This can lead you to switch workplaces in search of better income. This feeling can make you restless about achieving a sound financial position to enjoy the pleasures of life. Now is the best time to find a soul mate. Singles may fall for one of their co-workers. You are short of hard cash and best option now is to save money. Over-stressing may take a toll on you as you may suffer from a severe headache.