Things will move favorably for you most of the time this week. Businesspersons are likely to get a good opportunity to strike profitable deals. Those in a job are to now get some respite from difficult conditions experienced earlier and enjoy cordial relations with your colleagues. Singles will have wider options for getting into a close relationship with a person of choice. You must look for the qualities rather the beauty of the person.  Some unexpected expenses are to upset your financial planning. Those having trouble related to an irregularity in blood pressure need to have a periodical check-up.


This week, you will excel in everything you participate in. Career growth opportunities will be on the horizon and you will get appreciated for the hard work you do. Singles need to look their best and wise as well to impress a targeted person of opposite sex. No serious threat to your physical well-being is foreseen here. You will feel constantly energetic and lively. Monetary gains this week will enliven your spirits. Diabetics are to be worried by rise in blood sugar levels. Strictly avoid eatables with high sugar content.


This week may not be too different from regular weeks. There will be a lot of disturbances and obstructions in work. Concentrate and be determined while in daily routine work. You are to have some issues in personal life, which seem difficult to resolve for now. Bachelors will get a marriage proposal from a very well to do family for their progeny. This seems a good offer from long-term outlook. Your position on the financial front stands to improve. You are likely to remain healthy and shall feel energized.


It will be generally a healthy and energetic week for most of you born under this sign.  People doing jobs will have a smooth sailing this week. Married ones are to be much happier on getting prompt attention from their better half. Ones already in love relationship and eager to tie the knot may now fix the auspicious date to get married. You are to remain in a strong position on the financial front. This seems to be a good time for making fresh investments to earn more money. No health issues bothering you this week.


This week will start on a good note as long term gains are predicted for the business persons. Business persons will succeed in striking a big deal. Those employed will be entrusted with an important task. You will succeed and get a hike. Married life will proceed smoothly without any hassles. Losses related to money are expected, so don’t risk your money by investing in any scheme. Refrain from taking any financial decisions. If you are having trouble due to an old health issue, you are to now start getting some respite.


In spite of making the best of the opportunities and sustained efforts, business persons will be dismayed at the delay in the results. Business persons and professionals may get encouraging opportunities to strike deals with high worth customer. Those employed will remain very busy. Those in a relationship will be put under pressure by their partners to tie the knot. Married ones are to enjoy some quality time with their partner. Your financial condition will remain healthy and you must look forward to invest surplus funds wisely. No health issue will bother you this week.


Promising monetary gains are on the cards for you this week. Routine activities will be smooth, allowing you to work efficiently. If in a relationship, things can go out of hand due to your partner’s stubborn behavior. If employed and keen on looking for a change of job, now is the ripe time to relocate. Freshers will have difficulty in getting a suitable employment opportunity. Joint pain might trouble you a bit, but apart from it no significant health problems are to bother you.


This week, you will look to forge relationships with influential people, enhancing your prospects in general. Businesspersons are expected to have encouraging results on undertaking short-term trips. Employed one will find it challenging and a little difficult to finish the task assigned within the scheduled deadlines.  Married ones are to feel happy and kind of elevated by prompt compliance by their better half. Now seems like a good time to make fresh investments which are expected to fetch higher returns. Some minor disease might affect you this week.


This week is all about setting up your priorities. Your decisions here will alter your life in later stages. Employed ones will feel happy with growth prospects which seem to be encouraging and on the way. It’s the best time to hang out with friends to get over the hardships in your job. About relationships in general you are to become unsure about integrity of a person in meaningful relationship. Married couples will have the going smooth, provided you take care of each other’s needs. It is the right time to think about extra sources of income and how to save more of your money. Problems related to acidity may affect you.


This week may pass smoothly without any hassles. Those in a job are to have fewer hassles in routine work. In turn your overall performance stands to improve. Those single, who wish to shape a serious relationship, will be favored by planets. You will spend a good amount of time and enjoy with your near ones in a relationship. Rise in income is assured and overall your financial position will be stable. Acidic tendency in digestive system is to keep you worried.


This week will make the list of worst week of this year as nothing will pan out the way you want. Stress during work and more pressure from your boss will turn things sour. Business won’t flourish under stressful conditions. Issues in marriage will arise, resulting in tiffs with your partner. Singles will be forced to tie the knot with a suitable partner by their parents. Financial position can gradually improve over the week. In regard to health, you may feel low due to some issue.


This week starts on a good note. Businessmen and professionals will now be in a better position to successfully negotiate contracts with high worth customers. Gains accrued now shall be long term. Those doing job are to remain motivated and will work hard and sincerely. Singles will actively look for a suitable partner to enjoy their time with. This week seems to be the best time to strengthen your position on a financial front. No health problems will bother you.

What lies ahead? what this week has stored in for you? Allow stars to be your guide, download Hindu calendar to know more details!