Aum, a sacred mantra, is known to produce vibrations which are considered to have energy, tranquility, and power. It is believed that the Aum chant represents the Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

AUM represents the state of consciousness. The daily chanting of Aum cleanses mind, body, and soul. The word AUM comprises of four syllables; A, U, and M followed by a silent syllable.

The first syllable starts at the back of your throat, and while chanting you can feel your chest vibrating. The second syllable slowly progresses towards your upper palate and you can experience vibrations in your throat. The third syllable leads to closure of your lips and you still experience the vibrations in your whole body. The third syllable follows silence which is followed by the next Aum chant.

Benefits of Chanting AUM

  • The sound of ‘U’ is created through the vocal cords and repetitive chants have a positive impact on the thyroid gland as well as the throat.
  • The AUM chanting improves focus, concentration, and retains positive energy.
  • Daily chanting of AUM leads to an improved level of self-consciousness which aids in strengthening your mind.
  • The sound of chanting helps in relaxing the heartbeat as the chant requires regular rhythm and equal pace of breathing.